Monday, June 1, 2015

BRYANT WOOD: Champion Wrestler; Fitness and Fashion Model

His athletic background as an NCAA Division-I wrestler and MMA fighter have contributed to his perfect physique.

Friday, May 29, 2015

GAY ICON - TIM GABEL - denies he does 'Gay-For-Pay'


This super sexy male model is a real worldwide phenom.  He is a very much in-demand personal trainer and one of the Top Male Fitness Models.  Tim is single and only 19 years old.  At this age his muscular development is simply incredible especially his upper body.  He is very articulate and is emphatic he has built his body all naturally with no steroids.  Tim considers himself as a role model for young men of Germany and as such he agreed to do the Tee-Jott Calendar for this year.  He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Twitter: @tim_gabel  
ASK: Tim_BB_Gabel

Check out YouTube Channel for his many flexing and arm-wrestling videos and his interview on "Gay-For-Pay":

Ralf makes gay for pay - the truth about Ralfs Panamera - TIM GABEL.COM

Saturday, May 16, 2015

'Sexiest Man Alive" CHRIS CAMPANIONI is an Award-Winning Writer!


This is one of my TOP TEN super FIT HOT GUYS......American model Chris Campanioni was born on 1985 in Manhattan, New York. He has been modeling since 2007 and has worked with dozens of great photographers. Chris Campanioni aka Cuba is 28 and has been modeling for six years; and seemingly appearing out of nowhere. He enjoys doing all kinds of work but perhaps his favorite so far has been underwear and fitness gigs. [no surprise there]. I noticed Chris in the "Undergear" Catalog first with his beautiful long-waisted muscular look.  But his modeling splash really occurred when he was the Coverman for DNA Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue in 2009

He wants to do more commercial fashion and continue acting. If anyone (model or photographer) wants to set up a shoot, let him know and he can make it happen. He typically only takes paid gigs, but he'll consider anything that will help progress his portfolio....and what a handsome guy, at 6'+ and 180lbs; he's tall and flawless....WOW

Note: Chris has also been a reporter/journalist for the New Jersey Register so he's -not just a pretty face; he has written a novel about fashion and the media titled Going Down (published by Aignos, 2013) and a sequel of interlacing stories and photographs called Fashion of the seasons (forthcoming). Available at AMAZON.COM

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lehigh University and a Master of Arts from Fordham University, and he teaches English literature and creative writing at the City University of New York.


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