Monday, June 13, 2016


Tyson Dayley is a 24 year old 6’1” tall fitness model and personal trainer from Utah. He has done many photo shoots and has also modeled for both Abercrombie and Fitch as well as Hollister.

Tyson trains clients at the Sugar House 24 Hour Fitness by appointment. He is also available for private training in noncommercial settings. He can be reached at

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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Roman Dawidoff

It's never a bad time to look at hot Russian guys. To discover gays or gay icons 
in this country where homophobia is so intense; particularly promoted by the Putin government is simply incredible. 
Yet a sexy and hot Russian male model named ROMAN DAWIDOFF has become a superstar in the gay community. He was primarily made famous with his modeling for “The ES Collection Russia” a campaign for the Spanish Underwear and Swim-wear designer. For the first photoshoot by the photographer Andrei Korniv he joined with his cousin Kirill Dowidoff another famous male model.

He was born in Ukraine on October 4, 1991, and now he lives in Moscow, Russia.

Roman Dawidoff has an amazing well-chiseled body, which is the result of intensive sports activity since childhood when Roman was playing sports, all different kind of sports. He said he was a very active child ...and the beautiful look of his body as well as his face attracted girls (and boys) as early as the age of thirteen. He says that at that age he started having sex!

He is now an addict at the gym to keep his body in shape, and the results are amazing. He attracts a lot of interest for that and also from his legends of gay admirers to whom, he said, he has a great respect.

About his own sexuality he doesn’t say much, except that he always wants to make love!!!

On his Facebook page he posted that he's in a relationship with a guy and on one of the pictures he mentioned his “boyfriend”, on the other hand, his cousin Kirill is very open on the subject and declares that he has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend! But for Roman there is still a doubt as his English is not perfect.

Kirill Dowidoff and Roman Dawidoff

Roman Dawidoff, Es Collection

Thursday, November 12, 2015



After his outright victory in the Amateur Olympia Europe Prague, Mario Hervas makes history and becomes the first Spanish Professional in the Men's Physique Category.

With reference to the category in Spain means he will be one of the few Europeans who can compete for professional wins against all "men's physique" American competitors!

Congratulations Mario!!!!!

Mario Hervas was born in Madrid on 07/06/1991.  His weight is 80kg and height 1.80.   He is one of Spain's top Men's Physique Competitors.  He currently lives at Juan Alvarez Mendizabal, 28008 Madrid, Spain.  His awards include Spanish Men's National Physique Champion and Absolute Model Search winner. He is a home Coach....and the advertising image for Amix products.

He studied and got a Technological Baccalaureate Degree (technical aircraft maintenance) as well as being a personal trainer; fitness and bodybuilding Coach; and Professional Model.

His personal interests also include working in the world of fashion and film

You can contact Mario at:

Make sure you check out Mario's Fan Page - Fitness Model Mario Hervas - on Facebook:


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