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After his outright victory in the Amateur Olympia Europe Prague, Mario Hervas makes history and becomes the first Spanish Professional in the Men's Physique Category.

With reference to the category in Spain means he will be one of the few Europeans who can compete for professional wins against all "men's physique" American competitors!

Congratulations Mario!!!!!

Mario Hervas was born in Madrid on 07/06/1991.  His weight is 80kg and height 1.80.   He is one of Spain's top Men's Physique Competitors.  He currently lives at Juan Alvarez Mendizabal, 28008 Madrid, Spain.  His awards include Spanish Men's National Physique Champion and Absolute Model Search winner. He is a home Coach....and the advertising image for Amix products.

He studied and got a Technological Baccalaureate Degree (technical aircraft maintenance) as well as being a personal trainer; fitness and bodybuilding Coach; and Professional Model.

His personal interests also include working in the world of fashion and film

You can contact Mario at:

Make sure you check out Mario's Fan Page - Fitness Model Mario Hervas - on Facebook:

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Brian Lewis is a 24 year-old personal trainer, NPC Men's Physique Competitor, and fitness model from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The 24-year-old is a natural bodybuilder and started working out for high school athletics. Then he moved onto powerlifting, and now competes as a national level NPC Men’s Physique Competitor.

These photos of NPC Men’s Physique Competitor and fitness model Brian Lewis are by photographers Carl Proctor and Michael Anthony Downs. You can see how his Twitter username “Powerhouse” Brian fits him perfectly:

  • Affiliation
    I-B FIT
    Optimum Nutrition & ABB
  • Short Description
    Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitor. 
  • Bio
    Age: 24 
    Weight: 182 lbs
  • Awards
    1st Place - 2011 Power-Up Contest (Powerhouse Gym, Norfolk, VA)
    1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Bench & Deadlift Classic - Bench Press (Flex Gym, VA)
    1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Bench & Deadlift Classic - Deadlift (Flex Gym, VA)
    2nd Place - 2012 OCB - Battle For Tidewater - Men's Physique (VA Beach, VA)
    1st Place - 2012 INBF Neptune Classic - Men's Physique (VA Beach, VA)
    1st Place - 2012 INBF Neptune Classic - Male Sports Model (VA Beach, VA)
    3rd Place - 2012 OCB New York State Natural - Men's Physique (Syracuse, NY)
    5th Place (Qualified for Nationals) - 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator - Men's Physique (Baltimore, MD)
    2rd Place - 2013 WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships - Fitness Model (Wallingford, CT)
    3rd Place - 2013 WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships - Muscle Model (Wallingford, CT)
    1st Place - Physique of the Week (Week ending 5-12-2013)
    6th Place - 2013 NPC JR USA Championships - Men's Physique (Charleston, SC)
    3rd Place - 2013 WBFF Boston Championships - Fitness Model (Medford, MA)
    2nd Place - 2013 NPC MetRx Rocky Mountain Classic - Men's Physique (Denver, CO)
    - 2014 IFBB North American Championships - Men's Physique (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Gender
  • Personal Information
    National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitor, Fitness Model, and Personal Trainer. 
  • Personal Interests
    Modeling, Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, Personal Training, Powerlifting, and a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Phone
    (757) 651-9669
  • Email
  • Other Accounts
    • powerhousebrian(Twitter)
    • powerhousebrian(Instagram)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GAY ICON - TIM GABEL - denies he does 'Gay-For-Pay'


This super sexy male model is a real worldwide phenom.  He is a very much in-demand personal trainer and one of the Top Male Fitness Models.  Tim is single and only 19 years old.  At this age his muscular development is simply incredible especially his upper body.  He is very articulate and is emphatic he has built his body all naturally with no steroids.  Tim considers himself as a role model for young men of Germany and as such he agreed to do the Tee-Jott Calendar for this year.  He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Twitter: @tim_gabel  
ASK: Tim_BB_Gabel

Check out YouTube Channel for his many flexing and arm-wrestling videos and his interview on "Gay-For-Pay":

Ralf makes gay for pay - the truth about Ralfs Panamera - TIM GABEL.COM


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