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Anyone who gets "The Undergear Catalog" has seen this hottie since he is on almost every page....Vasa Nestorovic is a 28 year old superhunk born in Serbia.  At 6'4" and 204 lbs. of solid muscle he is a real 'head-turner'.  Vasa in fact represented Serbia at the Mister World in 2010.  He is a Model and Performer based in New York City.  He is looking for paid modeling work only.  Vasa's body is just so beautiful and perfect with a classic tattoo on his left arm only making even more sexy.  I can't show most of his "Undergear" modeling pics since he mostly wears NSFW cock socks....mmmhm!
Vasa is also studying for a degree in media management and plans to host his own TV show. His hobbies include making pop art collages and reading.  Vasa used to be a professional Latin-American dancer.   He speaks both Serbian & English

His motto is “Life is beautiful, we should enjoy every day by living in the present and always see the bright side”.


Alex Cannon:
Twitter @al_cannonPersonal Trainer and Fitness ModelHerbalife Business & Wellness CoachSigned With @BossModelMgmt [Where He Gets His Zoolander On]Bettering Lives and Making Moves


Steve Moriarty is 28 years old from Rahway, New Jersey. He is an athlete; and NPC Bodybuilder, as well as a fitness model, personal trainer and coach. Steve's athletic career started early as he wrestled from ages 10-18. He has been bodybuilding since age 19. Ever since he started wrestling his goal has been to inspire others to strive for greater things and pursue their dreams.

Since he has been modeling, coaching, and training he has had more opportunity to do so and is grateful for the opportunity to motivate and inspire many more people.

He has primarily done fitness modeling since his awesome physique is what got him his first modeling offer with Muscle and Fitness. He loves to speak and excite people; so he is always looking for new opportunities to do so.

Steve is a EPIQ Sponsored Athlete; Guest trainer on MTV True Life; and has been in multiple issues of Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

Check out Steve's Facebook site:
Steve Moriarty; and see his Online Training Programs; C…


Timothy James Perry, 25, was born in the U.K.  In the pursuit for change and further self-discovery Timothy traded Oxford and the English countryside for Sydney’s Northern Beaches two years ago.  In addition to modeling, he competes in bodybuilding contests and is a Personal Trainer and Top Fitness Model; Timothy is also a professional Sports Massage Therapist.

GABE JOHANSEN - Athlete turned Model

Gabe Johansen "Athlete turned Model" is also a fitness trainer.  He's currently aspiring to be an actor in Hollywood.

Gabe is quite a hunk --in bottom pic he is pulling down his jeans showing just how hot and well hung he is.