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Recently married, Personal trainer in demand, top Physique competitive bodybuilder, major fitness model and writer of the best fitness blog....Eric Turner has an army of admirers—who often behold him in the altogether, or almost, since he’s repeatedly called upon to model in racy underwear ads—may be surprised to know that he started out his adult life very, well, clothed. A surprisingly shy Utah native, Turner, 31, was a devout Mormon who not only spent two neck-tied years on a bicycle as a door-to-door missionary, but who also once trained others to do so. It was in some ways his religious upbringing that inspired his devotion to fitness. “Your body is a temple,” he reminds. But his association with the Mormons ended badly. “I made whoopee with a boy and was excommunicated,” says the 6-foot-1, openly gay Turner, who later made his way to Houston to be with his then-boyfriend. Recently married  to MornĂ© Coetzer....his wedding was in Capetown, South Africa.  He and his new husband are t…

'MIGHTY' MARKUS RICCI: Med Student by Day, Sexy Model by Night


Markus' recent work puts him on the cover of DNA magazine Issue #168 which is their Travel Issue. You must check it out with his seriously sexy photoshoot by photographer Jorge Freire inside. This is the second time since June 2012 that Markus has been the Cover Model. [Images for the 2012 cover and inside story came via collaboration with one of New York's premier photographers, Rick Day.]

Markus' newest on-screen project is his role in the new Style Network series Wicked Fit, which airs every sunday at 9pm. He has been casted as Katie Boyd's new assistant in her Boston located Gym 'Miss Fit Club'. Check it out with all the drama, romance and scandalous action!

Markus Ricci has also been filmed in commercials for Nike, Reebok, and New Haven Hospital, along with Kenny Chesney’s Summer in 3D Movie. Markus has also appeared in magazines and other forms of print representing BJs, Gailton, The Four Seasons Hotel, Rokk Vodka, and MyVU eye wear. To add to commercia…



Handsome face, sexy tatts, underwear bulge.....this sexy stud Giovanni Christo shows all this off wearing sexy Andrew Christian underwear in pics by JR Williams. This guy is handsome, beautiful smile and dreamy eyes. What a magnificent muscled body, great arms, chest and abs and a very impressive package.
Giovanni is a combat of those many young men and women who risked their lives for us and that makes him a hero.  Because Giovanni served his time and is only 26 years old, he is ready to start a whole new life. Modeling is obviously part of that, and without a doubt he will be successful.

We do know he is a fighter. Just looking at that super hard body you can tell that didn't just happen.  Giovanni is a passionate MMA fighter {mixed martial arts}...and more about Giovanni: he currently is a student; and the hometown of this incredibly handsome and sexy and hung hunk is Haleiwa, Hawaii.

The photos JR Williams took of Giov…


How Young Model "Samuel T."  was discovered by TeeJott 

The way in which TeeJott discovered this new model Samuel was quite interesting. Some months ago TeeJott traveled for the first time to the German part of Belgium: Aachen and Eupen – Yes, there is a German part of  Belgium  …  TeeJott first saw him at the Eupen central bus-stop and then talked with Samuel on the bus… the good-looking young man was on his way to the gym … what else!  And so, in the end, on another day in late August, TeeJott came back to Aachen where Samuel joined them from Eupen and they both traveled to Cologne by train (first two photos) to have this magnificent photoshoot which you can now see.  So, again, TeeJott has found a remarkable young model-talent, who has a lot of potential. Actually TeeJott was travelling in the German-speaking part of Belgium to conduct preliminary meetings with new, young model candidates. Boarding the commuter bus from Eupen to Aachen on the way home; Samuel was noticed a…


Next Model’s rising star, the super sexy Scott Gardner, gets his very first magazine shoot in a recent Coitus Magazine Issue.  He's also been on DNA's Blog several times and his lean muscled physique is defintiely turning heads.  Check out Scott on Instagram: .

PHOTOGRAPhs BY JIM TANNER [except top pic by ray john pila]