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Brian Lewis is a 24 year-old personal trainer, NPC Men's Physique Competitor, and fitness model from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The 24-year-old is a natural bodybuilder and started working out for high school athletics. Then he moved onto powerlifting, and now competes as a national level NPC Men’s Physique Competitor.

These photos of NPC Men’s Physique Competitor and fitness model Brian Lewis are by photographers Carl Proctor and Michael Anthony Downs. You can see how his Twitter username “Powerhouse” Brian fits him perfectly:

Affiliation I-B FIT
Optimum Nutrition & ABB Short Description Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and National Level NPC Men's Physique Competitor.
Instagram: Bio Age: 24
Weight: 182 lbs Awards 1st Place - 2011 Power-Up Contest (Powerhouse Gym, Norfolk, VA)
1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Bench & Deadlift Classic - Bench Press (Flex Gym, VA)
1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Benc…