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GAY ICON - TIM GABEL - denies he does 'Gay-For-Pay'

This super sexy male model is a real worldwide phenom.  He is a very much in-demand personal trainer and one of the Top Male Fitness Models.  Tim is single and only 19 years old.  At this age his muscular development is simply incredible especially his upper body.  He is very articulate and is emphatic he has built his body all naturally with no steroids.  Tim considers himself as a role model for young men of Germany and as such he agreed to do the Tee-Jott Calendar for this year.  He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.


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Twitter: @tim_gabel
ASK: Tim_BB_Gabel

Check out YouTube Channel for his many flexing and arm-wrestling videos and his interview on "Gay-For-Pay":

Ralfmakesgayforpay-thetruthaboutRalfsPanamera-TIM GABEL.COM


*Mister Supernational 2014 Winner* Norwich Model of the year;  Physique Model based in Norwich UK;  Award-Winning Bodybuilder;  Contact for Diet and Training!

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