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Recently, I received from a favorite photographer friend of mine, John Falocco, several images of a hot new male model, Rob Eco; along with his bio info.Rob is a New York City native. and he is a fan of all things beautiful. Looking at these pics, he definitely believes in taking care of himself. He is a fitness enthusiast and ISSA certified personal trainer. He finds pleasure in training personally as well as helping people change their own lives through diet and exercise. Having love for what you do translates into success.

He began modeling several years ago and have shot with some of the finest talent NYC has to offer including Jin Wang, Carlos Arias, Harol Beaz, Mike Schmit, B. Charles Johnson, Richard Rothstein and more. He is gaining experience and is clearly looking forward to adding to it.  Rob finds that being in front of the camera to be exciting and rejuvenating.  He is familiar with fitness, fashion, editorial and commercial. Always looking to shoot with new talented photo…


A new face, Isaac Way, is a top certified personal trainer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photographer JR Williams shares with us a photo session spotlighting this amazing hunk. Isaac stands 5' 11" and weighs about 175 lbs.

Isaac obtained his Personal Trainer Certificate from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2011. He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies in 2009. During that time, he worked as a Bicycle Messenger, and recently became an American Bicycling League Instructor. Still furthering his education, he is enrolled in a graduate program in International Disaster and Emergency Management. 

Also, Isaac has recently began a series of fitness videos, which may be seen on his Videos page

Check out his fitness site:


Aaron O'Connell is one of those breathtakingly gorgeous men with bodies that look like they're chiselled from stone and just ooze sex appeal from every pore.  Aaron was also the star of a shoot by Gregory Vaughan; and a Vogue Hommes International Mag shoot by Bruce Weber. Aaron is a top Ford Model. 
In Bruce Weber’s story in Vogue Hommes International Spring / Summer 2011 features Ford Men Direct’s Aaron O’Connell in two of the hottest shots to grace this page in long time. Titled “The Heartbreak Club,” the story takes a journey through this members-only society brimming with the sort of red-blooded models preferred by Weber. Aaron dispenses with all formality in the opening two shots, which stage an intimate moment between himself and a woman on the beach. That the clothing receives little in the way of credit throughout the story is beside the point. This Bruce Weber story is one of beauty despite heartbreak and to that end Aaron O’Connell exceeds all expectations.

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