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Croatian sports model Adis Jakic is considered by many to be the Top Fitness Model in the World.  At a height of 6' 0"  and weight of 195 lbs. he's just perfect.
In 2011, he literally came out of nowhere and won 1st place at Musclemania Fitness Europe Championships and placed 3rd MUSCLEMANIA Fitness World Championships.Great body, great smile, and tons of charm.....The Europeans was not only his first competition, he was also the first ever fitness model from his country to compete internationally. A former DJ and catwalk model, Adis spent the last year building up his physique in order to follow his dream of competing in MuscleMania. He now has his own company, near the Croatian border in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  For the World's, Adis decided to cut his hair.
All time natural athlete and Men's health cover model. He's been training since he was 15. Probably has one of the best developed chests in the world. After winning the Model Europe Championship in 2…