In the last few years Bogdan Pricop, better known as “BO” has become one of the top personal trainers in Romania.  
Bo is known as the personal trainer to Romanian celebrities and is often featured showing his great physique in the media such as TV, newspapers and health magazines.

Bo has recently been featured in DNA Magazine and named a "Fit Hot Guy"; and is becoming a fast-rising star in the fitness world!

Here is the Facebook link for the gym, Bamboo Fitness, in Bucharest, Romania where Bo trains and trains others ...https://www.facebook.com/BBOFITNESS.   

Bo is a local celebrity and often is seen judging beauty contests and other public media events.  Click here for more pics of Bo: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.339893449451864.80412.336863633088179&type=3

Incredibly Bo is 31 years old; and has managed to make a great career as a personal trainer, but has collaborated in various other fields such as television shows, publications, fashion, wellness and fitness.

He graduated from the Academy, Department of International Economic Relations in 2004, and got his master's degree in fitness management and computerization in the Institute of Education in 2009; and is a student athlete at IEFS Bacau, at the School of sports and health.

Bogdan's story begins in 2005. After a serious accident to his arms (the triceps of both arms had cut tendons and nerves) he stayed home semi-immobilized for 6 months.   As a result Bo read and studied recovery techniques, anatomy of the human body, and nutrition; and numerous books, in general, all that was necessary for an individual to recover in every aspect.

This he did step by step which propelled the remarkable results in his health and wellness; and Bo discovered his vocation into this field; and then followed the courses in studying Sports and Health.

A Resident Personal Trainer since 2005 at Bamboo Fitness Gym (Bucharest) and member of the "Elite Training Team" at the World Class Fitness Academy. Also, he did four years of kayaking, besides 12 years of fitness, with leading coaches. He trains TV stars, designers and public figures' as well as a contributes to magazines such as Taboo, Woman, Felicia, B Fresh, Men's Health, Story, Gossip, and sports and fitness programs as Styllisimo Essenze and D-Paparazzi.

Bogdan has some tips for beginners:

- Plan your training and make sure you know in advance what you will do
- Set a limit for the training and give all you can in the course of its
- Be efficient at each exercise for each muscle group that trained
- After training make a rapid assessment of your performance
- Prepare your next training session before you leave the room

Bo's Workout looks like this:

bo pricop two Bogdan "Bo" PricopMonday : morning: chest, abdomen; afternoon: 30 min cardio
Tuesday : morning: shoulders, abdomen, afternoon: 30 min cardio
Wednesday : morning: back,  Afternoon: cardio 30 min
Thursday : - break
Friday : Morning: chest, abdomen, evening: 30 min cardio
Saturday : legs
Sunday : - break
Not a specific workout for the arms

As a full-time model he does not change his diet program; so on and off season is actually the same, remaining around 75-77 kg in shape at 1.78 m.

Usually he eats 6 meals a day:
- Meal 1 (immediately after waking up), oats, almonds, banana and 1.5 cups milk 0.1% whey protein
- Meal 2: 2 scoops protein and dextrose immediately after the first training
- Meal 3 (1 hour after workout): 300 g beef with some rice
- Meal 4: 2-3 fruit or bars Fibrobar-R
- Meal 5: same as Meal 3
- Meal 6 (after the second workout): 2 scoops protein

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