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Alexey Lesukov, 24, Men's Heavyweight Champion - Arnold Bodybuilding Amateur 2011
(translated from online Russian article)

Eighteen-year Alexey Lesukov begins his career in 2006 when he immediately won several titles at competitions in bodybuilding in St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and the discovery season - as was named by the Apatitys youth in the Championships of the Northwest.

Will power plus character

In childhood Lesha was a normal boy:  he went to the pool, studied to play the piano. This occupation did not really interest him, but he did not want to argue with his mom. Until a certain time.

When he was 13,  Lesha looked at himself in the mirror and decided that his body was perfect for bodybuilding. He read the necessary books and also began to go to an exercise room. Here his great genetics also proved useful.  His Mom though was against it, - described Lesha, - and even forbade it. So it was necessary to go quietly to a gym, on money that the school gave out for eating.

Q: Who trained you?

Alexey: No one. I myself developed routines of exercises. First by myself, later a friend joined me. And in 11th class I began to prepare to attend the Academy named Lesgafta.

Alexey moved to St. Petersburg where he began to work out at the nearest sports hall. There he was noticed by who would become his future trainer.

The best among other young men

The trainer at the club was "Diamond" Andrey Prokofiev (the holder of many impressive titles in bodybuilding) who for a time observed Lesha, and then offered his services.

So the first-year student at the academy (in the future - the trainer-teacher on bodybuilding) began to combine study with daily two-hour training sessions. It was difficult, admitted Lesha.

But Alexey was ready in April to compete in the first "contest on a stage".  In one month he became the absolute champion among young men in the Championship of the Northwest, the teen champion of Russia in the Eastern Europe Cup, achieved first place among teens and men in the Championship of St. Petersburg, and took the lead among teens at the Murmansk competitions. For this he has received cups, medals and a rank of the Master of Sports.

As a Master of Sports Alexei does not drink, does not smoke, is good to himself, in general - the enviable groom.

Impact on a beautiful body
But, as was found out, the success is given to bodybuilders not so easily. Competitions are preceded with two months of rigid preparation: physical activities and special low-carbohydrate diet. One week prior to performance in a diet of sportsmen there is only fiber and not any salt! And for two days - loading by carbohydrates. Such impact on one's body is necessary, as Alexey has explained, for an increase in the muscles, indeed in bodybuilding what they evaluate.

Before competitions the athletes get weighed, then "paint" their skin with a special cream to give to the body a bronze shade and shine. It makes the muscles more visible and stand out better.

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