Lucas Malvacini, Mister Gay Brazil 2011, was Victim of Kidnap

Lucas Malvacini, Mister Gay Brazil 2011, was the victim of a lightning kidnap!

Late on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 the model, former boyfriend of Barbara Evans, said on his Twitter page that he was kidnapped on the doorstep and left on a road in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, a few hours later. 

"Thank God ... I was kidnapped on the street of my home and they took me to BR, stole everything including the car! But I'm fine. Thank you, God! I'm fine! They didn't do anything to me! In spite of the fright and of the threat later with a gun, they did nothing", wrote the model in his page on Twitter early on Wednesday, 21. 

Lucas won the affection of his followers and he thanked them: "My friends, thank you for caring! I'm fine! Despite the shock ... I'll try to sleep ... Our life is worth a lot! Do not forget that."

'I managed to stay calm', says Mister Brazil about the lightning-kidnap
Lucas Malvacini was taken by two men when the car stopped at the door of his family home in Juiz de Fora, MG, on Tuesday, 20. 


"I managed to stay calm, on my own, to get out for good. My only thought was this", said Lucas Malvacini, Mister Brazil 2011, about the lightning-kidnap he suffered on Tuesday, 20, in Juiz de Fora (MG). 

In an interview with EGO on Wednesday, 21, the model, who is Barbara Evans' ex-boyfriend, said he arrived at his family home at around 21h, coming from the gym with a friend, when he was approached by two men, one of them armed with a revolver. 

One of the criminals took the wheel. The other, armed, was with Lucas in the backseat. The model and his friend were then taken by the robbers for a spin around town. Mister Brazil and the friend, that he preferred not to identify, stayed 45 minutes with the bandits. 

"They ordered me to keep my head down all the time. When I took a risk to look from the corner of my eye, one told me not to move or he would shoot", said Lucas, who was left by the criminals in an access to a land of BR-040. 

Upon arrival on site, Lucas and friend were forced to descend and they delivered up money, cell phones and other personal belongings to the assailants, besides the vehicle. "I have two phones and has retained one, which has GPS. When they left, I discovered where I was and told the police and my brother", said Lucas who had never been mugged. 

Mister Brazil has revealed that he would go to the police station, on the afternoon of Wednesday, to get the occurrence report. "I had two opportunities to look well at them and I memorized the faces. If necessary, I will be able to recognize them", he said, adding that so far, police have no clue to the robbers.

Passion of the Christ 
Already recovered from the shock, Lucas told the EGO that he is going to São Paulo on this Sunday, 25, to begin the rehearsals of the enactment of the "Passion of the Christ" that happens traditionally in Interlagos Circuit.

Mister Brazil will play Pontius Pilate, his debut as an actor. "It's what I want to do for my life (to act), I hope it works out. It's life that continues. I can't stop", he said. 
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