Renato Ferreira
Renato Ferreira

Renato Ferreira, born in 1990, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a top Brazilian model.

Less than 3 years ago though, Renato was going to high school in Canada; and he also wanted to be a bodybuilder, just like Arnold was, one day, but with bigger legs.

From 15 to 17 he went to high school in Brazil, and the remaining time off from school he just wanted to go to parties with his friends hoping to get lucky with girls.

At 18 he did a student exchange program which brought him to Calgary Canada, when he decided to workout to be huge so when he would go back home it would be easier to get lucky with the ladies.  It turned out that he got a girlfriend in Canada and he's still with her.

Renato was discovered by a modeling agency's booker while attending a course at a college. After that the 5'11" tall Brazilian and with an incredible physique, Renato has become one of the much sought-after male models from the prestigious stables of Ford Model Brazil.  Ferreira premiered on the blog, "Made in Brazil" in 2009. This feature raised his stature to that of an internationally recognized model.

His first work outside of Brazil was NYC, he knew his portfolio wasn’t good enough back then but he always aimed very high to where he wanted to be.  After that he did a couple trips back home and a tour around Asia building up his portfolio. Now he's back in Canada but next year he will be back to the USA where he believes is the place to be for modeling.

Renato being from Brazil where people really do dance in the streets. He's Carioca da gema, so he loves to dance on the streets during Carnaval, but usually it is like everywhere else (with nice butts and mini skirts everywhere around). He doesn't think he dances well, but he tries. He did do a dance show with very nice choreography back in high school, in Canada, which he liked.

Since then, Renato, 22,  has appeared on the covers of countless magazines and ad campaigns including "Junior Magazine", "Butch", as well as being photographed by renown photograhers Greg Vaughan, Miguel Crispim, and Fabien Montique, among others. The covershot for Junior magazine was taken in Rio but his latest cover was for OutLooks Magazine, December 2011 issue here in Canada which was shot at Arpoador beach by Lucio Luna.

The top shot above is Renato modeling for the "Undergear" Catalog where he is one of their favorite models.

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