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Marcello Coutinho is from São Paulo, Brazil.  He is only 19 years old and stands 1.88m in height with a lean and muscular physique.  From a military family, he is just beginning his career as a model.  Unfortunately he spent time with the wrong people and now we can only say that he really is on the right track. These are the only current pics of Marcello by the great photographer Didio.  But I hope we see much more of Marcello. He is represented by amazing Closer Models.


Pablo Hernandez, 25, is a trained actor and commercial model of Spanish/Lebanese descent based in New York City. He is a rising star in the acting and commercial modeling world. His travels have taken him from Miami to Los Angeles, New York City, the Netherlands to shoot with photographer Armando Branco, and Paris to shoot for the July/August 2012 cover of Sensitif magazine; to list a few.

Pablo is the cover model and feature story for Spain’s April 2012 Revista Nois 15th anniversary issue and the February 2012 swimsuit issue of Instinct Magazine shot by Rick Day. His latest venture is the role of Reinaldo, a U.S. soldier, in the short Tribeca film ‘Tunnel Vision’ shooting in July 2012 in New York City. In L.A. he has already landed fashion events with Papi underwear and in Europe editorials ‘Boyz ‘n Tha Hood’ for French M Mensuel Magazine and “Pablo Bravado” in UK Kismet Magazine. Pablo’s unique look has been seen throughout the world from his Reebok Reelite campaign to his recent boo…


A Commercial recently caught my eye — starring none other than TopTen "FitHotGuy" Model/Actor Aaron O’Connell (, who's from Carmel, Indiana.  Aaron looks just gorgeous in the ad; and pretty beefy too.  Watch the commercial below which is pretty cheesy with lots of sexual innuendo  — but Aaron can snake my drain anytime!


There are many reasons why Tyler Sarry is special. Beside his handsome looks, his impressive physique, his tremendous fitness knowledge, Tyler has more great qualities and that is the guy is fun and a showman. He is humorous, smart, and expresses it in his workout videos many of which are on YouTube. His great, outgoing personality is highly motivating. His future place may not be only the gym but also a film studio: Tyler is taking acting courses and workshops in Los Angeles and Toronto to improve his on-camera skills.

Nevertheless fitness is Tyler's big passion and he is always in tip-top shape. He is a personal trainer, body image and lifestyle consultant, but above all a top fitness model.  Tyler won the Mr. Model Universe Championship in 2009  which is only one of a long list of awards and trophies, and his photo shoots have appeared in many well known publications and magazines. A big reason Tyler is one of my TopTen FIT HOT GUYS. Here Tyler talks about his impressive road…


Fresh pics of rising Brazilian model, Pedro Aboud, captured by photographer Greg Vaughan for the next issue of ‘Made In Brazil’ Magazine.


Renato Ferreira, born in 1990, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a top Brazilian model.

Less than 3 years ago though, Renato was going to high school in Canada; and he also wanted to be a bodybuilder, just like Arnold was, one day, but with bigger legs.

From 15 to 17 he went to high school in Brazil, and the remaining time off from school he just wanted to go to parties with his friends hoping to get lucky with girls.

At 18 he did a student exchange program which brought him to Calgary Canada, when he decided to workout to be huge so when he would go back home it would be easier to get lucky with the ladies.  It turned out that he got a girlfriend in Canada and he's still with her.

Renato was discovered by a modeling agency's booker while attending a course at a college. After that the 5'11" tall Brazilian and with an incredible physique, Renato has become one of the much sought-after male models from the prestigious stables of Ford Model Brazil.  Ferreira premiered on the blog,…


Milan E Pfeisinger is 6'1" and 175 lbs of solid muscle and an incredible 44" chest.  so, Milan is sizzling hot, very handsome with a sexy stubble and with a beautiful furry chest and abs, and what looks like a very nice package.

21 years old, he lives in Los Angeles, California.  He is a college student in LA, where he plays basketball. Originally from Austria. modeling has always interested him and he wants to try it out, learn some things and see where it takes him.

Lucas Malvacini, Mister Gay Brazil 2011, was Victim of Kidnap

Lucas Malvacini, Mister Gay Brazil 2011, was the victim of a lightning kidnap!

Late on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 the model, former boyfriend of Barbara Evans, said on his Twitter page that he was kidnapped on the doorstep and left on a road in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, a few hours later. 

"Thank God ... I was kidnapped on the street of my home and they took me to BR, stole everything including the car! But I'm fine. Thank you, God! I'm fine! They didn't do anything to me! In spite of the fright and of the threat later with a gun, they did nothing", wrote the model in his page on Twitter early on Wednesday, 21. 

Lucas won the affection of his followers and he thanked them: "My friends, thank you for caring! I'm fine! Despite the shock ... I'll try to sleep ... Our life is worth a lot! Do not forget that."

'I managed to stay calm', says Mister Brazil about the lightning-kidnap
Lucas Malvacini was taken by two men when the car stopp…


There is a new muscle beast from Russia - Ivan Kochetkov.  He coaches at Atrium Fitness Center; and lives in Moscow, Russia; and was born on January 20, 1988.

The 5'9", 24 year old Russian was runner up in the 90kgs class at the 2011 Championship of Moscow.


Alexey Lesukov, 24, Men's Heavyweight Champion - Arnold Bodybuilding Amateur 2011
(translated from online Russian article)

Eighteen-year Alexey Lesukov begins his career in 2006 when he immediately won several titles at competitions in bodybuilding in St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and the discovery season - as was named by the Apatitys youth in the Championships of the Northwest.

Will power plus character

In childhood Lesha was a normal boy:  he went to the pool, studied to play the piano. This occupation did not really interest him, but he did not want to argue with his mom. Until a certain time.

When he was 13,  Lesha looked at himself in the mirror and decided that his body was perfect for bodybuilding. He read the necessary books and also began to go to an exercise room. Here his great genetics also proved useful.  His Mom though was against it, - described Lesha, - and even forbade it. So it was necessary to go quietly to a gym, on money that the school gave out for eating.

Q: W…



Stefan lives in New York, New York; and is originally from Detroit, Michigan.  He attended and wrestled for Central Michigan University; Catholic Central High School, Heidelberg. He was a star athlete/wrestler at 165 lbs., and since then he has been an impressive bodybuilder competing in several contests.


2x All-State Michigan Wrestling Champ (2006-  2007) & (2007-20​08) BODYBUILDER - CONTEST RESULTS:

2011 NPC Team Universe Men's Physique Contest: Short Class (3rd)2011 NPC Garden State Physique Contest: Men Physique Open (2nd)2011 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States:  Men Physique Open (14th)
As a Male Fitness Model, he's made a massive splash in the industry, featuring in an array of magazines, commercials and fashion shows. He was on the cover of DNA #139 Magazine and he returned to the DNA Blog in August 2012. He's even going to make his major motion film debut in October. I can't wait to see that sexy body on the big screen.


Jamie Barnard, 25, is a model and actor from London, United Kingdom.Jamie has been in the modeling industry for just over 2 years now. He's worked with several top photographers in the UK and also abroard. He mainly does modeling in Fitness and Fashion.  He does do implied nude and glamour shoots as well but only for the right price. His experience covers 4 Years in the Modelling Industry, appearing in: Muscle And Fitness Magazine, Ultra Fit Magazine, QXMagazine, Beautiful Magazine Book, Apollo Male Models Magazine.   In TV, he has done LA Muscle TV/ Active.


Former Mr. Brazil Jonas Sulzbach - 22 years old, born on February 7, 1986 in Rio Grande do Sul.